Bed Mirror Glasses-Prism-Adjustable & Reversible


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Product Description

Adjustable Angle Glasses Task-Vision Professional Prism Glasses have a unique open frame design that allows the user to adjust the telescope prism arm up and down and fully adjustable viewing angles and stay fixed in necessary position. Flip up function allow the user to lift up the prism glasses rather than take them off. Can be used for watching TV, Reading and so much more because of the adjustable and reversible feature. Uses mirrors to reposition the image. Angle of reflection can be adjusted while wearing the glasses. Increases field of vision. Ideal for people who must lie flat, stay reclined, or be seated with their neck in a fixed position. Fits over prescription glasses. Adjustable viewing angle – Flip up and stay in place Reversible prisms allows user to lie on their stomach or view straight ahead when they can not view normally. Beneficial to patients that are confined to the same position for long perio ds or suffer from Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Spine or Neck injury or Stroke disabilities Bicyclists- Long distance or endurance bicyclist can view straight ahead of them while still having peripheral vision – Sport strap included for stability