As a very competitive and active coin books sales and buyer, we routinely produce excellent results for consignors or sellers and our commission rates are very competitive. Over the years we have handled thousands of important rare coins from America, Europe, Asia and South America. It is natural that we also have an interest as do our clients in obtaining and/or selling quality rare coin reference material for a wide range of collectors who not only collect coins, but other collectibles and desirable items as well. We maintain a very active customer base which is growing every year and also have relationships with various auction houses that can be of further assistance in liquidating particularly large or interesting collections which for a small fee we can help collectors find the right venue for their collections and consignments of any size are handled in a timely manner. Further, we will assist confidentially.

    Not all numismatic books, sale catalogues, periodicals, and manuscripts are suitable for sale at auction or are sought after in the marketplace at all times.

    Some items do not sell well at auction, some are of insufficient value, and sometimes collections should be sold intact rather than broken up and sold individually or sold outright to a wholesale dealer.

    We are always happy to give advice concerning value and salability but generally need to see items before making an offer or advising of various resale options. All shipments must include check for return shipping in the event of that being necessary.

   We will pay the most for top quality copies of the following coin and collectible books! (Quantities including caseloads are needed although we will be happy to accept single copies too!).

    Indexed guide book of silver art bars, Walter Breen’s complete encyclopedia of US and colonial coins, silver dollars and trade dollars of the United States: A complete encyclopedia by bowers, all David Akers books, and all other coin and collectible books of substance.